We Care About You

Even as we all do our best to practice social distancing and other preventative measures to avoid exposure to COVID-19, our homes still require care and maintenance — particularly since we are spending more of our time in them.

Because we care about the safety of our customers and our workers we instituted specific COVID-19 business practices early this year.

  • Our workers practice social distancing: Our workers may work outside and inside to do a job. When they are working inside, we require them to wear masks.
  • Communication to our workers can be done by cell phone: Our workers fully understand what the job is before they start working on it and if they have a question about the job they'll call the office. However, if you need to talk to our workers and are not comfortable with social distancing and wearing masks, you can always call them on their cell phones instead of speaking with them face-to-face. We will provide you with their number.
  • Our workers don’t touch common household surfaces: Our work is done using our own professional equipment and in some cases their equipment helps protect them and you against the COVID-19 virus. For instance, workers who are washing windows have their hands in soapy water. There is no need for them to touch front door handles or the other common surfaces of your building.
  • Your invoice will be e-mailed to you: We provide each customer with an estimate of their job before we get to the job site. After our work has been completed we will email you an invoice.

These are challenging times for our country and its economy. All of us are being affected in so many ways; however, your property isn’t affected by COVID-19. Proper maintenance and care remains the best way to avoid costly repairs and retain its value and we look forward to helping you do that.