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Following are some of the frequently asked questions that we get from our customers along with our responses. If you have a specific question, concern, or comment, please give us a call or use our contact form to let us know. It’s always a pleasure to serve you.

Of course! We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If the job isn’t done to your expectations we’ll be more than happy to come back out and make it right. We’ve build our reputation on this promise.

You may be thinking you could save a few bucks by having a neighbor kid, unlicensed contractor, or handyman do this work, right? Consider this.

Your home is more than likely your largest investment. But cutting corners on home maintenance by hiring a non-professional (unlicensed person) comes with certain risks. For instance, if that person were to have an accident while working on your property you would be liable. You would have to pay for their medical bills and perhaps their income if they became permanently disabled.  What would happen if your home owner’s insurance didn’t fully cover these costs? Is hiring an uninsured worker worth the risk?

All Pro Services RAN is licensed and bonded by the State of Washington. As long as our workers have been contracted directly through our company they are covered while on the job. You can check our license, which is posted on “The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries” website, by clicking on the following link:

Our state license is always kept current. We have a $12,000.00 contractors bond$1,000,000 worth of liability insurance and carry workers compensation on all our workers.

We recommend cleaning them twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. After the harsh winter weather, a good spring window washing will get your home looking great for the spring and summer months ahead. Dry grass clippings, dust, and pollution can dirty up your windows in the summer so a thorough window cleaning in the fall will keep your home looking good through the holidays.

Besides helping your home look clean and well maintained, there are other practical reasons. Our professional workers will inspect your windowsills, window frames, screens, and the general area around your windows. They are trained to look for bug infestations, wood rot, poor fitting screens, loose caulking, and any other problems we see. After we’ve completed our work we’ll make sure you know about everything we’ve seen. Then we’ll offer you solutions to correct the problems.

Poor gutter maintenance can lead to all sorts of problems and extra costs. Problems such as roof leaks and loose or rotting fascia boards will eventually lead to compromising your home’s foundation, and your landscaping. High costs await those that don’t do this task twice a year. Consequently this is one task that is low on the things-to-do list, mostly because it takes lots of time and energy. We advise not ever putting this task off.