Pressure washing debris off of roofRoof maintenance is a job that many people avoid. It's time consuming and can be somewhat dangerous. But it's necessary! Because of the amount of rain and humidity we get in the Seattle area, our roofs need extra attention. That's why insurance companies and home maintenance professionals advise homeowners to inspect their roofs every six months. But, let's face it, dragging out a ladder, climbing up on your roof, gingerly walking around your shingles or tiles, and inspecting each area of your roof is time consuming and can be dangerous. Why not let the experts at All Pro Services do the work for you?

Moss...We Have Lots Of It In Seattle

Because of all of the annual rain and snow we get in Seattle our homes and businesses are breeding grounds for moss. It grows everywhere, especially on roofs. Moss can severely damage the structural integrity of any roof. It absorbs moisture and establishes roots on your roof which when left alone, will lead to roof degradation. Untreated moss will eventually lead to holes in your roof and leaks into your home. Fortunately, the pros at All Pro Services have a great solution—our Roof Moss Removal Package.

Roof Moss Removal Package

  • Agitate the removal of moss: We use a brush to hand-scrub the stubborn moss that has taken root on your roof to loosen it up
  • Blow off the moss and residue: Next we blow off the moss and any residue that is on your roof with a gas blower. We remove all of the this debris from your property
  • Treat your roof and gutters: We use a special organic, environmentally-safe moss treatment solution leaving your roof surface clean and free of moss
  • Regular treatment program: The best way to keep moss from taking root again on your roof is by doing moss treatment on a consistent basis 

The pros at All Pro Services have been effectively dealing with moss in the Seattle area for decades. Contact us to learn more about how we can eliminate and keep moss from destroying your roof. 

Let Us Do The Hard Work

We'll make sure and get rid of any debris such as needles, leaves, and sticks that can cause damage to roofing materials. We'll also look for:

  • Loose, curled up, and missing shingles
  • Problems around chimneys, pipes, and stacks such as loose mortar or caulking
  • Signs of moss and other unwanted growth
  • Any rust and deterioration on metal parts
  • Potential problems around flashing
  • Loose nails, holes, or other small problems that can turn into much larger ones

Moss growth an roof and in gutters Light roof maintenance Roof edge and fascia board rot due to poor gutter and general roof maintenance Beginning stages of mold and mildew

What We Can Do When We Find Roof Problems

Inspecting your roof will uncover other problems that if left unchecked, will turn into larger problems for your home. We can fix things like loose shingles, caulking, loose nails, and other small problems. And when we come across larger problems, we will refer you to an expert who will give you an estimate and do those jobs the right way.

Different Roofs – Different Methods

Pressure washing and treating your roof will remove moss, mold, algae and fungus; however, different surfaces require different methods of washing. For instance, take how we approach pressure washing a shingle roof.

Using a safety line and professional equipment to pressure wash a roofWe use low pressure and high water volume to pressure wash shingle roofs. This method ensures excellent cleaning while eliminating any potential damage to roofing surfaces and materials. If you have moss growing on your roof we can apply a moss killer. This will kill moss spores and ultimately prevent the moss from spreading. This treatment can last up to six months, but depends on where the home or business is located.

For instance, if you live in a shaded area chances are the treatment may not last as long as it would in a sunny location. Once we get a chance to inspect your property we’ll recommend a treatment program designed to keep moss from your roof and other areas where moss can grow. Another problem is pine needles.

Eliminate Roof Debris

If pine needles are left on a roof over time they will absorb and maintain moisture. This moisture will eventually soak the roof surface and end up rotting the roofing materials, sheathing and the roof structure itself. (Needles on a cedar shake roof are a potential fire hazard.) All Pro Services will also remove (blow off) all vegetation and debris that could potentially harm your roof.

Rejuvenate Tired-Looking Roofs

If you want to increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home there's nothing better than a new roof, but new roofs cost money. Let us rejuvenate your roof instead. The experts at All Pro Services can handle all types of roofs including shingle and tile roofs.

Roof with debris before removal and treatment
Before Pressure Washing

After picture of roof after mold removal and treatment
After Pressure Wash







Cleaning roofs and gutters can be a dangerous time consuming jobGutter and Downspout Cleaning

Gutter and downspout cleaning is a necessary chore and it should be done twice a year. Gutter cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your home. Gutters and downspouts control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. But this chore is typically on the bottom of everyone's list.

Who wants to climb up and down a ladder, clean out and spray down gutters, and unclog downspouts? Still, this has to be done because a debris-clogged gutter and clogged downspout can lead to a leaky roof or cause water damage to the interior and/or exterior of your home.

Neglected gutter cleaning will lead to expensive roof repairs and overall damage to the structure of your home.Don't wait until you notice a problem like damaged fascia boards, gutters tearing away from the roof edge, sagging soffits, or leaking into your home. Don't let mosquitoes breed in standing water or birds nest in your chimney or gutters. Let All Pro Services take care of the messy job of cleaning your gutters and downspouts for you.

Our gutter and downspout services will:

  • Help prevent water damage to your home
  • Eliminate nesting areas for birds, termites, mosquitoes, and other insects
  • Avoid the destruction of expensive landscaping
  • Maintain the value and beauty of your home

Protect your home by getting a gutter and downspout cleaning in the spring and fall. Get an estimate today!