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Glass after rainfall mixed with dust

Washing Windows is Hard Work

Do you ever wonder why your windows don’t look quite as clean as you expected they would after putting all of that hard time and effort into cleaning them? Do you see dust, dirt, and haze on them soon after cleaning them? When you clean your windows, do you take the time to look for any potential problems around them that may need repair?

Climbing up and down ladders and cleaning windows the right way takes time, labor, and the right equipment. It can be dangerous work that’s best handled by professionals. Many in the greater Seattle area have turned to the pros at All Pro Services for over 36 years for their window cleaning needs.

Glass is Not Smooth

Actually you may be surprised to know that it is neither a liquid—supercooled or otherwise—nor a solid. It is an amorphous solid—a state somewhere between those two states of matter. And that explains why the surface of glass is not completely smooth. It’s actually a rough surface made up of peaks and potholes.

Contaminants such as dust, dirt, acid rain, grass clippings, and more fill these “potholes” and can react chemically with the glass to make surfaces even rougher. As a result, glass easily becomes stained and discolored, difficult to see through, and hard to clean and keep clean.

Dust, dirt, water spots stick to glass

Why You Should Wash Windows

Who wants to look through a dirty window at a beautiful day, right? But aside from the practical reasons for keeping your windows clean and the visual impact that clean and shiny windows make, there are other reasons to maintain your windows inside and out twice a year.

    • Window frames: inspect for bug infestations and treated
    • Water spots, building run off and pollution can cause haze, streaks, rainbow effects and cloudiness. Water spots and building run off will cause erosion damage on any glass over time if left unchecked
    • Frames and sills should be examined for dry rot and loose caulking
    • Tracks need to be cleaned so they operate smoothly without binding

Why Not Use Glass Cleaner and Paper Towels?

Paper towels are great for cleaning up spills, but they do a terrible job on glass. Paper towels are made of tiny paper fibers, and using them leaves a residue of lint and fuzz all over your windows. No one wants to spend valuable time cleaning glass only to end up with a lint-covered mess.

Also, rubbing your windows with glass cleaner and paper towels just pushes the dirt around and leaves streaks. Plus, rubbing them dry may actually charge your windows with static electricity, (charging by friction) which can ultimately attract more dust and dirt to your windows.

We Clean Windows, Skylights, and Solar Panels The Right Way

We’ve been making glass sparkle and shine in the greater Seattle area for over 36 years. We use professional equipment and have licensed, bonded experienced workers. Whether it’s at new construction sites, solar panels, French panes, sky lights, mirrors, picture windows, or more we’ll make them shine. And All Pro Services doesn’t just clean your windows, we also inspect the areas around them.

Our experts look for problems like wood rot, bug infestations, ill-fitting screens or shutters, and loose caulking. When we spot problems we’ll present you with solutions to take care of them. It’s all part of what we do.

Want your home to look its best? Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.